Friday, January 18, 2008

Good-Bye May Seem Forever, Farewell Just Like the End...

1. Some of the strengths when writing personal essays are the ability to go indepth with details, thoughts, and idea. The weaknesses in personal essays are a limited point of view and the need to stay focused on one topic. Also, finding a topic/ event that is actually true and exciting is hard. Writing fiction is a more flexible and fun genre because you can make anything and everything up. The thing that surprised me about personal essays was how easy they actually were to write when you finally find a good enough subject. I might consider volunteering to write one of these personal essays again because it wasn't too hard and even though I'm not exactly finished with my essay, I think that it is going to come out pretty well.

2. The role of reading is vitally important for writers because books and novels spark ideas. They give a new insight to writers. Plus, when you are young and first learning, you read books and your parents read books to you. It starts the whole learning process. Reading is the basis for how many grow up and learn. It is what writers draw on when they begin to write. A book that you love can stay with you throughout your whole life and when you write you may always have an idea of that book in mind.

3. Overall my Creative Writing experience has been a good one. I have liked the freedom in choosing what to write about. My favorite piece that I have written has to be one of the poems i wrote at the beginning of the semester. It explains a girls confusion and I just like all the metaphors I used. My favorite genre is definately poetry because it's fun to write creatively. My greatest challenge was definately the play just because it was hard for me to visualize what it would look like, and write it to be acted. I didn't really like the scary story that I wrote because it wasn't that functional. The skills I shall use more is brainstorming and focusing on one topic.

Pepsi but coke products
Lil Wayne
never been to either
WILL BE Greece
SWAN PRINCESS although apparently its not disney sooo Sleeping Beauty

Monday, January 7, 2008

Unexcitingly Titled Blog

1. A principle that guides my life is trying to find truth and happiness. It's more of like a goal, then something that guides my life. Everything I do is based off the idea of finding a happy calm. I work so that I can drive and pay for things to do. I try to make time for my friends in an effort to be happy. Just basically, my principle is that life isn't really worth living if you can't make time for yourself and the people who are important to you. Objects don't make a life worthwhile, but people and the fun times you have do.

2. I don't really watch the news so the only event that I can think of is how Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant. It makes me feel kind of sad that a girl so young would throw away her life and career because she wasn't smart enough to use birth control. Plus, their family sucks because of all the Britney crap. It just shows that even if you are famous, bad stuff still happens. They can be even more messed up then normal people.

3. One thing I hope to accomplish in 2008 is to get another job. Over the summer, I want to work only one day at Panera, but work weekdays at Erin's dad's work (filing and making calls). So, I can save up money for college and hopefully put most of it in my savings account. Also, I want to make more time for all my friends and have as much fun as possible. I want to go out dancing a lot more. I just want to finish this school year with good grades, so that I can focus on having the best summer ever.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Toward the Future/ From the Past

1.I thought that writing a play was really frustrating because you couldn't describe how exactly a character was feeling or looking. When you write a play, you have to incorporate everything through the dialogue. A strength in plays is the ability to use language to convey emotion. It was fun to be able to write in mostly dialogue. It was surprisingly hard to show action in play writing. I don't think I would ever be interested in writing anything like a play ever again.

2. I might want to write a personal essay about camp experiences, spring break in Florida, spring break in Arizona, or conflicts between my family. I may want to talk about moving from Texas to Minnesota or moving from Grove St to Cahill Ln. Through my stories I wish to convey how friends are always there for you even when your family sucks. Also, tough times bond those who go through them together. Other ideas i wish to develop through my stories are being in a new environment allows people to adapt and change, change can be good but it also is hard to accept.

3. The advice I would give to a 10 year-old is that life is about to get a little more complicated, so appreciate every single day you have before you are off to middle school. Spend more time with your friends and stop watching tv or playing videogames. You are going to regret not taking advantage of your youth. Don't focus too much on the future, but always dream of your near impossible goals. Don't follow everyone else, make your own path. Make new friends, but never forget your old ones. Later in life you are going to miss your carefree days, so savor them while you can. I give advice based on my experiences and other people's experiences from that age. I give the advice I give because I miss the days when I could just pretend and have a great day.

Monday, December 10, 2007


1. I think that the theme of a work is one of the most important. If you write something with no meaning then there is no reason for it to be read. The intention behind a work is often what leads to the theme, and it is the intention that is most important in a work. A great piece of literature needs to be able to express some idea because without a good main idea the piece wouldn't be necessarily great. For those who think that a great work does not need a main idea, i believe that clear ideas are necessary for a work to be exciting or interesting. Almost all works convey some type of theme. Like in in Harry Potter, there are themes of friendship, good triumphing over evil, and love.

2. I think that works written a long time ago and are still popular today because those who wrote them were able to send a message through there work. Even when it is set in a different time, there are still some of the same issues present in old works. Like conflicting families and young love in Romeo and Juliet. I could never see myself creating a work that would be passed down through the generations just because I don't think any writing I have done is powerful enough.

3. If I could have one life lasting impact on the world through writing it would be to send a message that not necessarily changes the world, but instead show the world that there is good, love, friendship, and trust even in the coldest places. For the world basically sucks and if people were able to see the good and the hope then maybe things could change. As a writer I doubt I will ever have this impact on the world though. It would be important for the message to get out there somehow. If I was some great writer I would try to get my message out through great novels and short poems.

Monday, December 3, 2007


1. One thing that concerns me is poor children not being able to have access to a proper education. If people want to better themselves they should have that oppurtunity. It really sucks for people who work hard and still can't further themselves. I think that some poor people in a way are doomed because they do try to get out of poverty, but not all of them have access to the appropriate oppurtunities. It bothers me that we live in a world where there are places that people can't go to school or get a job that pays enough to survive.

2. A person who has a dynamic personality is very talkative and personal. They could relate themselves to anyone and they are compassionate. They can go out every night and have a bunch of fun with people. They can stay home with their family and have a great bonding night. They are very versitile and outgoing. A person who is dynamic can take charge and make plans for the day but knows when to stop talking and listen.

3. A book that has greatly inspired me is any of the books written by Tamora Pierce. She writes about strong women set in a time when there was gender inequality. These women work hard and overcome many setbacks but in the end they achieve greatness.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


1. I would describe happiness as an emotion one feels when something good happens. It is being content. The feeling a person has when they fall in love, get a good grade, or when they are appreciated. It is just being glad.
2. The source of happiness for me is the people around me, chocolate, and random things like books or tv shows. My friends bring me happiness because they cheer me up when I'm sad, make jokes that may or may not be appropriate, and listen to me. Chocolate brings me extreme happiness because it is just the best thing in the world. Certain books and shows like Gilmore Girls make me happy because they envoke laughter and tell good stories.
3. All my main friends influence my happiness. When they are mad or sad I generally am sad. Or if other people treat me badly, my happiness suffers a bit. Or if I am around a person who is just always happy, It makes me happy.
4. I think that my acts towards my parents effects them a lot also my sisters. I generally distant myself from my family and when they realize this they get mad. When I dont answer texts to my sisters they get upset also. I dont think my actions affect many of my friends though.
5. My greatest need in life is the little things like chocolate, smiles, and blasted music. These are the things I need to make me happy.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

8th Assignment

Possible Topics
  1. One of my poems
  2. the scary story
  3. a day in the life of...
  4. different places
  5. Using songs by one artist, and images to make one story
  6. animals
  7. taco bell and bylerys
  8. my friends